Detailed 2018 Mithunam (Gemini) Horoscope, Rasi Palangal

Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2018

As you are coming with your plans for 2018, it is very important for you to remain level-headed to be able to navigate through various situations that will raise in this 2018. Staying calm will help you through the tricky situations this year. Saturn and Venus are clearly in a state of combustion at the beginning of 2018 for Gemini in 2018. Due to this you may be keen on finding right direction to follow for enhancing your prospects in 2018. Saturn comes out from combustion from second week of January. This is to provide some respite for you. However, to put in action new strategy, you need to wait till Venus comes out from combustion which will be after 20th of February/2018. You will then see things happen in your favor. Things are to slow down from around 7th March as Mercury now turns retrograde. This is to give you enough time to review past actions and decisions. Identify weak area, improvement any if needed in your working style. Retrogression of Mercury is not time for result oriented action. Period from mid of April seems supportive for result oriented action from which you can start adding more efforts. You are likely to decide about direction to follow now. Jupiter remains posited in the sixth house for most part of the year. This means having proper coordination of things at work place is to look challenging. In view of this you need to raise level of compatibility for smooth running of day to day affairs. Notable is the transit of aggressive Mars and Venus during the year. If you are able to play your cards efficiently, progress and growth in your pursuit is assured.

Gemini could be high on ideas but lower than expected progress in terms of results would be there. This year would bring a very high level of emphasis on creative ideas connected with work and you might be involved in some very large projects. The contradiction or the flip side could be a simultaneous opposition & slowdown when it would boil down to the actual implementation of various things that you take up during this year. Further due to a very restless & highly active sub conscious state of mind, you might find it challenging to concentrate on activities that would bring direct results this year. The biggest learning during this year, therefore would be to work on focussing on important issues only, avoid working on many things simultaneously and be ready to encounter hurdles in personal life as well as joint areas of work.

2018 Gemini Career Horoscope

Work will be the most rewarding part this year as you will be highly creative, possess the ability to handle & plan some very large projects. You will find your mental capability will be greatly enhanced increasing your ability to multi task, be creative & churn out an exceptional amount of work. The flip side would be the ability to multi tasking would make you waste time on projects that are not very important for your progress. You will find that the new learnings & ideas of the past would give you the right learning & impetus to achieve much more as you move towards the end of the year, particularly after 12th October. Work environment would improve tremendously & you might appear as an obvious leader at work by the end of the year. Partnerships would be difficult & there would be frequent hurdles due to overseas sources, new ideas would be initially rejected & joint projects would turn controversial between April & August 2018. Be cautious about over investing in business as funds could get blocked.

Gemini 2018 Love Horoscope

Love & relationships would be great. A new love relationship could come up this year. Very good chances are possible between February & May 2018. Also a whirlwind romance that could change your relationship destiny could come up during October & November. Both these events would change how you look at your relationship profile at the beginning of the year. Marriage matters would be very happy. You might find romance back in your married life. If you plan to marry for love, then this year is very positive. Your anger & fixed attitude could hurt relationships during July & August so be cautious.

Gemini 2018 Finance & Money Horoscope

Finances would be good as a new source of income & a potential rise in income possible. However wasteful expenses could nullify the gains if you are not cautious. An idea from spouse or business partner could turn out to be bad & hurt finances. Be cautious and use your best judgement. Some hurdles in inheritance could be felt this year.

Health could be poor & chances of injury are high between 27th June & 28th August 2018. You need to remain cautious & should consider an astrological remedy. Further anger could be your undoing during this time & so be careful.

Broadly, the year looks good. There would be very good progress due to your intelligence & good sense. This is one year when you should listen to yourself & not to others. Devote time to learning & self improvement. Spiritual & religious realization would be good now.

Gemini in 2018 Key Transits

Gemini Horoscope 2018: Jupiter Transit

Jupiter is in a mystical fix natured watery sign Scorpio along with Ruler of the sign Mars in the sixth house, from your sign, at the beginning.

Jupiter turns retrograde from around ninth March. Jupiter becomes direct in motion from around eleventh of July.

Jupiter enters own sign dual natured, highly optimistic fiery sign Sagittarius from ninth November, in the seventh house.

Gemini Horoscope 2018: Saturn Transit

Hard task master and in charge of house related to luck for your sign, Saturn is in own sign that overly cautious, earthly Capricorn in combust state along with Combust Venus and mighty Sun, in the eighth house, at the beginning.

Saturn turns retrograde from 18th April and becomes Direct from around sixth September. Saturn remains in Capricorn for whole of the year, and posited in the eighth house.

Gemini Horoscope 2018: Venus Transit

Venus enters its other own sign airy Libra in the fifth house from seventh August.

Around tenth September Venus enters watery sign Scorpio and turns retrograde therein from sixth October.

Venus reenters own sign Libra, in retrograde mode from second November. Venus becomes direct in motion from 16th November in Libra.

Venus reenters Scorpio from around 3rd December and remains therein till end of the year.

Gemini Horoscope 2018: Mars Transit

Aggressive Mars enters last of airy sign Aquarius, in the ninth house from around mid of May.

Mars turns retrograde from around 27th June and enters its sign of exaltation Capricorn in retrograde mode from around mid of August, in the eighth house.

Mars becomes direct in motion from around end of August and reenters Aquarius from around mid of September, in the ninth house.

Gemini Horoscope 2018: Rahu-Ketu Transit

Rahu (north node) is in a fiery sign Leo and Ketu is in Aquarius in the Third and Ninth house respectively at the beginning of the year.

Rahu changes sign to enter a moveable watery sign Cancer and Ketu shifts into Capricorn in the Second and the Eighth house respectively.

Gemini in 2018: Eventful Times

7th March to mid of June

27th June to end of August

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