Procedure to follow Shasti Viratham

Shasti Viradham

Shasti means number 6, which represents Lord Muruga. Son of Sivan and Parvathi. Shasti is observed each month on the 6th day after the new moon day. (Click here for Shasti dates). Devotees observe fasting for full day or partially during Shasti.

Kanda Sashti or Skanda Sashti for Lord Muruga

The Sashti falling in on the new moon period in the month of Aippasi/Aswin (October - November) is the Kanda Sashti day. Skanda Sashti is a six-day festival which celebrates the destruction of Surapadman by Lord Muruga. The Kanda Sashti is celebrated accross all Murugan temples and famous in Arupadai Veedu of Murugan - the six sacred temples of Lord Muruga in Tamil Nadu. They are Tiruchendur Temple (Sea shore Murugan temple near Tirunelveli), Thirupparankunram (temple near Madurai), Palani Hill Temple, Swami Malai (hill temple near Kumbakonam), Thiruthanigai (hill temple near Chennai) and Pazhamudhir Solai (hill temple near Madurai).

Surapadman was destroyed in Tiruchendur. On the Sashti day that is on the sixth day, Sura Samharam is celebrated in all Lord Murugan temples. During this festival, a battle is enacted with the depection of four demons in war with Lord Muruga. The Lord destroys the demons using his Vel or lance. The festival ends the next day with the Divine marriage (Tirukalyanam) between Lord Muruga and Valli.

People observe fast on the six days.

For 2016 Sashti is between 31.October.2016 (Monday) to 5.November.2016 (Saturday).

Rules to follow during Shanti Viradham

1. Tiffin can be taken once a day as per their preference during morning, afternoon or evening. Devotees cannot have meals.

2. Devotees can take water, milk fruits or fresh juice for the rest of the day.

3. "Kandha Shasti Kavasam" has to be recited daily twice morning and evening.

4. Visit Lord muruga temple atleast daily for the 6 days.

5. The fasting ends on the Sixth day after Surasamharam. Devotees need to visit Lord Muruga temple and end the fasting.

If any of you are not able to follow these rules can observe Shashti viradham by just avoiding non-veg for the Sashti fasting days.