Pisces (Meenam) 2018 - 2019 Jupiter Transit - Guru Peyarchi

Jupiter transit also known as Guru peyarchi the  for 2018 will be on 11th October 2018 (Thursday), when Jupiter, master of the gods, will move to Scorpio (Viruchigam) from Libra (Thulam). Jupiter will stay in Virgo for a period of approximately 13 month until November 8th, 2019.

This prediction is based on moon sign. This is not based on sun sign.

Jupiter (Guru) is a complete 'subha' planet. Jupiter only does good things on where it is placed and where it looks at. Even in cases  where Jupiter is affected due to a bad placement in your birth chart, it does not give any negative effect but stays neutral. Whereas other planets may cause negative effects in the same case. Having said that, we need to consider Jupiter transit/Guru Peyarchi effects as general effects. This is general for everyone under this moon sign, the effect will vary as per the planet position on the birth chart. Which means the effects from this transit will be either positive to neutral for you and will not be negative. Continue reading further to know what this Jupiter transit/Guru Peyarchi will bring for you.

For Pisces (Meenam) Jupiter moves from the 8th house to the 9th house

9th house is the house of Philosophy and Travel

The 9th house represents your philosophical limits and to realise and achieve your highest potentials possible for you. The 9th house influences your higher mind, religion, philosophy, travel, adventures, freedom, expansion of knowledge and a desire to discover "higher answers" that provide satisfaction.

More than the house Jupiter is in, Jupiter brings good benefits to houses it sees. From the 9th house, Jupiter looks at 1st house, 3rd house and the 5th house from Pisces (Meenam)

1st house is the house of self and Body

The 1st house is the foundations of ones personality in terms of your self, the mask you wear, the way you are seen by others. This house determines the condition of your body, your overall look, your colour complexion and general personality.

3rd house is the house of Environment and Communication

The 3rd house represents transition, change and adaptation. This house influence your nervous energy, rational thought, memory and how we respond in a new environment. The house is associated with siblings, hand-eye mortor coordination, connecting with others, learning and your greater conscious.

5th house is the house of Creativity and Pleasure

The 5th house represents creativity and self esteem, letting for us to find a greater joy in living. The 5th house influences your driving factor, enthusiasm, motivation, romance, personal pleasure, your inner child and a desire for happiness.

Overall, this period will bring you lot of good luck. You will feel enthusiastic and confident. You will be respected by all and you will get success in your work. Peace will prevail in your family. You can expect gains from your long distance journey. You may get contacts of social or religious or gurus. This period will being in interest in Yoga or other means to keep your mind and body healthy.

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