Scorpio Facts female And Male


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Scorpio Facts female And MaleScorpio Facts female And Male They hold an enthralling personality, well-proportioned body, average stature, broad face, long hands, short and curly hair, commanding appearance and muscular physique. they need a bent to stoutness, prominent eyebrows, and dusky complexion.


This sign showcases mainly two sorts of people; the upper type who has command over their senses and therefore the lower type who are jealous, rude and irreconcilable. Scorpio sign is symbolized by scorpio facts female “Keeta” which signifies reptile i.e. representing the poisonous Scorpio.

Scorpions are quick, shrewd, quick, keen, critical, penetrating the mind scorpio facts female with right judgment. they’re self-reliant, bold and have conservative views. they need a subtle mind, difficult to influence, not easily imposed, energetic, courageous and sarcastic. they need a propensity to stay others under their control.

They are seen to be good detectives and are keen on an investigation. They wish to investigate mysteries. they’re intense, have excited feelings, blessed intuitive powers and are quite resourceful. They wish to enjoy life at every phase; could also be depressed or high. At times, they lose their temper ghgh very quickly and become irritated.


They cannot stay idle and likes to stay engaged the maximum amount as possible. They don’t present when surrounded by obstacles instead they fight and win things . they’re very rich and have an ingenious imagination. they’re witty, blunt, determined, forceful and are keen on traveling.


They are likely to suffer from diseases associated with the pelvic bone, bladder, and therefore the seminal vesicles. As their age progresses, they could get experience a stone in their bladder, brain affliction, insomnia, neuralgia, coma, somnambulism, and trance.


They are golden in terms of wealth; lucky in speculations also . they’re usually blessed a bunch of cash , houses, vehicles and an honest position in their career. They know alright , the way to get money and the way to spend it wisely. Scorpio Facts female And Male


They are dynamic, intense and energetic when it involves romance. For them, sympathy, right understanding, care, love and steady affection is extremely important to survive in any relationship. they’re intolerant towards criticism. They ensure all the luxuries and solace for his or her partner. Their spouse is lucky, honest and sincere.


They are loving, caring, likes to understand their wives time to time and are very concerned about their prestige. they need a brief temperament, adjustable nature, and fine judgment.


They are very intelligent, witty, loving, flexible and knows the way to please their husbands. All they have is genuine affection and deep love for his or her partner. they’re undoubtedly hard workers, honest and passionate. once they are misconstrued or not heard, they lose their temper easily. Scorpio Facts female And Male


Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio hgyuj are best compatible with them.


They induce a bent to rule or being bossy over people and are likely to be same reception also . they’re spendthrift, spend quite their income which causes troubles for them sometimes . They become successful as their age progresses. Overall, they spend a cheerful and meaningful life throughout.


They go into professions like medicine, chemistry, research work, insurance, maternity departments, surgeons and may get into the govt also . they will become top officials within the government and may get into departments like C.I.D, Military and within the Navy.


They should avoid being sarcastic, over critical, should hold their temper and will not be selfish. They carry that potential to make destruction within the society, to play the negative role within the society and may create anarchy. Drinking, revengeful nature and criticizing others shouldn’t be haunted by them.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are lucky days for them, whereas they ought to take care on Wednesday and Saturday as lately might bring some disagreements. Tuesday is that the day to fast to achieve prosperity and destiny within the life.


1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 9 numbers are lucky for them. Numbers like 5, 6 & 8 aren’t auspicious.


Yellow, Cream, Red and Orange colors usher in luck and favor for them. Usage of White, Green and v Blue colors should be kept off.


Yellow Sapphire or red Coral made within the gold or copper should be worn on the 4th finger of the proper hand on Tuesday morning after performing the ritual. When Mars is malefic, usage of Ruby or Red Coral plus Pearl made within the silver should be worn on the first or the 4th finger.

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